Teebs- Ardour ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: bit.ly / bit.ly / bit.ly 1. New Telekinesis MP3: theneedledrop.com 2. Fashawn Mixtape: theneedledrop.com 3. New Ratatat Vid: theneedledrop.com Teebs new album is a potent mix of relaxing, beat-powered soundscapes. For me, it came off a little uneventful at times, but this album isn’t meant to jump out at you. It’s more of a soundtrack for a long, relaxing moment. It’s extremely cohesive and sound-rich. If bringing beat music to a higher level is what gets you going, this is worth your time. What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next? 6/10 theneedledrop.com http bit.ly bit.ly FAV TRACKS: YOU’VE CHANGED, BOUND BALL, MOMENTS, WIND LOOP, KING BATHTUB, WHY LIKE THIS, AUTUMN ANTIQUE
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Listen: bit.ly NPR Stream (good ’til Nov 23rd): n.pr Two more perspectives on this album: youtube.com youtube.com Agalloch’s fourth studio album is an interesting followup to 2006’s Ashes Against the Grain. Marrow of the Spirit is nowhere near as distorted or heavy, but the band manages to overcome that with a lot more melody, dynamics, and acoustic instrumentation. There are still some really brooding moments, and the long song lengths only enhance the dark mood the music shoots for. John Haughm really works to change up his vocal style on some pivotal points of the album, and the entire experience is really cohesive and cinematic. This is another triumph for the band’s discography, but it really shouldn’t be a surprise considering how consistent they’ve been thus far. What did you think of this LP? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next? 8/10 / bit.ly theneedledrop.com http bit.ly bit.ly FAV TRACKS: Into the Painted Grey, The Watcher’s Monolith, Black Lake Nidstång

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50 Responses to Teebs- Ardour ALBUM REVIEW

  1. Damnated6mil says:

    @thenorskk it’s not a personal opinion, they are glitch hop. for instance browse the genre at RYM.

  2. thenorskk says:

    @Damnated6mil @Damnated6mil You think Nosaj Thing, Prefuse, and Flying Lotus are glitch hop? You would really lump them into just that genre?
    I guess why I use Lazer Sword as the epitome of glitch hop is because I think that’s an easy way to designate an artist(s) as being one-dimensional (with cuts and clicks), but that’s just me. I hate the term, really. Not saying my opinion is objective, but that’s how I feel, personally.

  3. thenorskk says:

    @Damnated6mil You think Nosaj Thing, Prefuse, and Flying Lotus are glitch hop? You would really lump them into that?
    I guess why I use Lazer Sword as the epitome of glitch hop is because I think that’s an easy way to designate an artist(s) as being one-dimensional (with cuts and clicks), but that’s just me. I hate the term, really.

  4. Damnated6mil says:

    @thenorskk lazer sword aren’t the epitome of anything. listen to artists like Nosaj Thing, Prefuse 73, Flying Lotus and then say Teebs is the antithesis of glitch hop.

  5. thenorskk says:

    I love your reviews. They’re really colorful. But the thing that I enjoy the most is that despite reviews coming from one’s particular point of view, you seemingly try to stay as objective as possible with your reviews.
    I don’t mind the Ardour LP, but personally, I think his best work(s) to date is a song called “Anchor Steam” and “Teebs 09” demo.

    If you’re looking for more producers, check out Jib Kidder. Avant Garde hip hop producer extraordinaire. And a registered nurse. 😉


  6. thenorskk says:

    @Damnated6mil lazersword is the epitome of glitch hop, imo… and when you compare teebs to LS, teebs kind of seems like the antithesis.

  7. Damnated6mil says:

    it’s called glitch hop.

  8. chookiessss says:

    hey man really enjoy your reviews.

    you should review midnight colour by ital tek!!!

  9. JimboEarl says:

    Nice review. I agree with you on a lot of points…its not groundbreaking or in-your-face, but i dont think Teebs intended it to be like that. Just some nice beats that he clearly didnt stress too much over. Reminds me of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’ – just how theres not really any stand-out tracks, but as a whole, the album is perfect on certain occasions. Albums like this add nice bits of colour to your collection.

  10. Kubiak04 says:

    @MarreFrusciante someone mighta told you already but he gave Wire – Pink Flag a 10/10

  11. Weirdalexo says:

    Thumbs up for anthony montana, I mean, fantano! hehehe

  12. benj8706 says:

    i think you should review the new negative approach reissue of their first 10 song ep

  13. crimsonblood1221 says:

    You should review Sugar by The Sunshine Factory

  14. mrkeekee says:

    do the newest Crocodiles album just for fun.

  15. explosionsfrommybutt says:

    Hey the sub vids have worked for me forever

  16. uphillracer says:

    request: TEARS RUN RINGS – distance
    might be something special.. not sure yet

  17. uphillracer says:

    I enjoy this record quite a bit

  18. theneedledrop says:


  19. theneedledrop says:

    @lalocura2666 Thanks! :-)

  20. theneedledrop says:

    @jokersfall I did last week, brah. :-)

  21. Sektion9 says:

    @8bitprice Do you like fishsticks?

  22. zackorozco says:

    Hahaha! Maybe even Toro y moi but alot more sober!

  23. kaotiktalon says:


  24. 8bitprice says:

    Kanye! Kanye! Kanye! Kanye!
    Think of the Children, the baby seals, the low-fat muffins!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. idiotsrus92 says:

    ant! please review the new Marnie Stern. ill invite you to thanksgiving at my place! pweeease??!

  26. SmartAss462 says:

    Their best so far. Absolutely outstanding. Unfolds with each listen. ESPECIALLY WHEN HIGH. But that goes without say. All music is great high!!

  27. Bagas says:

    I love that fail at life part;)

  28. 616TheBeast616 says:

    @Metaalhoofdje123 definitely listen to it again. The first time I listened to it I felt the same thing. Upon the next listen, I had bought the disc and was able to hear it chronologically, with the lyrics, etc. And the experience was totally different. Now I love it.

    It’s definitely a grower, and very conceptional, so listen to it in order and with the lyrics if you can :)

  29. StandardofPurity says:


  30. nazz3p says:

    amazing album

  31. yeastmyinfecti0n says:

    LOVE agalloch. was awesome.

  32. Jeijo1 says:

    this is the best record I heard all year, and it was released in November, Agalloch is a TRUE winter band! The atmosphere, it really is in a league of its own. But, I wouldnt imagine this being released in the middle of summer for example. The white was perhaps more “summery”, but I would like to see agalloch release a more “sunshine” filled record, not too much though hahahah

  33. pdude1911 says:

    Great album, nice review. And let me guess, that was Earth or Sunn during that “FAIL AT LIFE” part? :-) Which track was that?

  34. mikeyfatstrings says:

    fffffffuuuuuuuuuuck, i want that shirt.

  35. TriEdge36 says:

    Review Paracletus by Deathspell Omega plz.

  36. Metaalhoofdje123 says:

    i was actually very disappointed by this album… i expected alot more from it.
    idk, it just didnt do it for me…

  37. neoyorke says:

    Any chance The Body gets reviewed? Album: All the Earth’s water turns to blood

  38. Beholderification says:

    This album melted my face off.

  39. StrangerAeon says:

    good rev indeed..of course in my point of view this kind of band needs MONTHS to be focused and embraced to be better comprehended

  40. iglumajor says:

    review the new inquisition plz!!!!

  41. SoSaysI9 says:

    @nilzardo I agree entirely. It’s probably my favorite single element on the entire album.

  42. EddieVH666 says:

    8 uh oh thats getting up there gotta go check this album out and honestly I’ve heard only a couple of their songs not from this album but still I can tell there a great band and that this will probably be a pretty sweet record

  43. schink24 says:

    You should do a track review of the newest Empyrium song ‘The Days Before The Fall’! They somehow went back to their more Folk/Doom style of metal while keeping strong trace of their prespliyt-up Neofolk era, giving the song a nice twist. And as always with Empyrium the vocals are as great as they’ll always be (although they let their harsh vocals out of this one). So I was wondering mr.Needledrop, what’s your take on that song??

  44. felmotes says:

    “eerie old man vocal” just made me lol for realz

  45. elpipa2g says:

    is the song at the end of the video Waking White by Les Rallizes Denudes?

  46. billyjob73 says:

    Adebisi Shank! There’s some great music coming out of Ireland. Don’t know if you were into it, but it’s an album that’s been on repeat since it came out this summer.

  47. MyEggIsBoiled says:

    Well if TheNeedleDrop did something on Agalloch I guess that’s my cue that they deserve more attention than I give them.
    I thought of a novel video idea, for your question of the week. Something along the lines of how your first impression of an album could be either amazing or terrible, and how that opinion could shift over a time of various influences coming into your life. I get that phenomenon quite often in my musical experience.

  48. macleodponeage says:

    No way… you could never FAIL AT LIFE…

  49. HollowContact says:

    My request is Deathspell Omega – Paracletus

  50. CorporateNothing says:

    Great review. Very educated, nuanced, detailed. I love this album, and it’s definitely a grower. I did preorder this album, but I couldn’t help but download this shitty 128kbps transcode that leaked a few weeks ago. Listening to a FLAC rip was a completely different experience for me. Beautiful music.

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